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Beder Pro

The program of
loyalty made
for gas stations

Increase your sales rewarding the
recurring consumption of your customers.
Increase love for your brand.

Mano echando gasolina a un carro


We give you the tools to reward your most loyal customers

Did you know that retaining a customer is 5 times cheaper than acquiring a new one? Not only that, but loyal customers are the ones that generate the most sales for your business and, in general, they tend to spend a little more on each purchase.

Hombre contento recibiendo recompensa de fidelización en gasolinera

powerful tools
loyalty _











Easy-to-setup features

Nobody said that creating a loyalty program for your business had to be difficult. We make it easy for you.

Much more than a simple loyalty card

Paper cards get lost and forgotten. A digital loyalty program will give you the best options so that your customers  leave smiling after each purchase.

Aplicación móvil con un programa de fidelización con puntos, monedas y stamps para gasolineras
Aplicación móvil muestra sistema de puntos y recompensas de fidelización y gamification para gasolineras

Loyalty and Gamification

Easily win repeat customers. Create unique shopping experiences in your business with points, levels, missions, prizes and benefits. Reward each purchase e  encourage your customers to come back.

Communicate with your audience at the right time

Why spend on expensive advertising campaigns? Your most loyal customers are already willing to find out about all the news and offers from your business.

Create campaigns with push notifications, videos, surveys and mailing.

Herramientas de fidelización: Celular muestra encuesta y notificación push incentivando a volver a comprar en gasolinera
Panel de Bederr Pro que muestra la analaítica del consumidor de una gasolinera
Panel de Bederr Pro muestra el top 50 del Leaderboard de consumidores

Get to know your audience in detail in the analytics panel

Obtain relevant data about your stores, your customers and their consumption habits.

Identify trends and opportunities to create better targeted campaigns.

Start selling more with a loyalty program

Bederr allows you to convert your consumers into frequent customers. Give them a smile with every purchase.

Hombre sonriendo al mirar las recompensas de fidelización en su celular
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